It is important to keep your eye on your piping system especially if you are living in an older home. Your plumbing system is more prone to show up problems as it ages. When you fail to keenly watch the pipes, you may not notice some signs which can result in costly damages in your home. It is recommended to replace your pipes before they break apart. You may want to fix small problems with your pipe as they occur but as they continually and frequently happen, you may need to replace them. Here are some of the signs of plumbing system that need to be replaced.

Water leaks in your house.

When you notice water spots on the ceiling, wall or a wet musty smell it is a sign of water leaks. It also be indicated by the presence of mildew or mold in your house. This is a sign that should be taken seriously since it can lead to property damage. You should indeed call a pro to have your plumbing replaced.

Presence of stains

If you see stains under your sink or ceiling, it could mean something is a mess with your piping. You should check closely for such signs so as to have them fixed on time to avoid costly damages.

Discolored water from the faucet

It may be difficult to find leaking pipes since most pipes are in the wall. However, when your faucet brings out odd-colored water, it is a clear signal that some of your pipes are broken. The rust in the pipe causes the water to discolor and also to harden.

What are the signs of corrosion?

When corrosion occurs on pipe tubing, they begin to show dimpling hence need replacement. If your pipes are made of copper and they stay for a long period without use, it may result to corrosion. 

Sudden decrease in water pressure or increased water bill

If your water pressure starts to reduce all of a sudden, it could be a sign of leaks. Additionally, an increasing water bill could also mean there are leaks in your plumbing system. You should therefore constantly monitor your water usage in order to notice plumbing problems on time.