Turn Your Garage into Your Own Gym

It’s 2020 and you are struggling to keep in shape but also wanting to keep safe. As much as we would all like to go about our old ways, the new normal requires us to stay away from public places. However, this should not stop anyone from staying fit. If you have an underused space like your garage, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to create a home gym.

With a home gym, you can continue to do your favorite workouts and even customize a circuit according to what you want to focus on. The best part is you can access this any time of the day which eliminates the excuse of not having time for fitness. Day or night you can keep your adrenaline pumping without having to worry about disturbing the rest of your family since garages are designed to be positioned away from living spaces.

In order to build out your own gym, you should first know how much space you can use for the gym. For some, this may mean using part of the garage for storage and the rest for the gym while others may be willing to use up the whole garage area. The important thing is that you know how much space you can use so you will be able to thoughtfully plan which equipment would be suitable for your home gym.

Once you know how much space you have, choose a budget and the target areas or types of training you would like to focus on for the workout. The equipment you will choose does not have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars. There are many who were able to build their home gyms with just a thousand dollars. A starter set of gym equipment can include some barbells, a bench, a pull up bar, kettlebells, and a jump rope for some cardio. For those who would like to focus on weightlifting, you can also purchase a squat rack under budget.

Gym equipment is not the only factor to invest in when building a gym out of a garage. It may be true that garage floors are built to be durable enough for heavy weights and much friction. However, it would be highly recommended to install or place a protective floormat not just to maintain the concrete floor but also to prevent injury from occurring. It is also important to have ample airflow in the garage so you can have longer workout sessions. A portable AC or a fan would be worth looking into. Lastly, good lighting is required in your new home gym to prevent accidents from occurring. Installing white lights that would adequately illuminate the whole garage is ideal. You may also opt to have your garage door modified and have specialists like Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company install windows to let natural light in as you spend more time in your garage. That is who I used to add windows to my garage door. Here they are on the map if you happen to be in the area.